No matter if you are planning a wedding or a corporate dinner, flowers are a great way to make your event pop! A beautiful arrangement can add life and color to just about any space. Just like fashion, floral trends are constantly changing and updating. Don’t worry, we are here to fill you in on this summer’s floral trends!


  1. Living Coral

Living Coral is Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year so we aren’t surprised that this hue has found its way into the floral department. Pair this color with unexpected accents like deep purple or blue.


  1. Minimalist

The minimalist trend is everywhere! Whether it’s cleaning out your closet or keeping your jewelry simple, the world is obsessed with this unfussy fad. Floral arrangements can be kept minimal by choosing just a few focal blooms and keeping your accenting flowers minimal.


  1. Ferns

Greenery has been a floral trend for a few years, especially in the wedding world. You’ve seen eucalyptus everywhere but this year ferns are having their moment! Ferns look earthy and give off that “Forest Boho” look that is not only Pinterest worthy but also cost effective.


  1. Monochromatic

When you think flowers you generally think of a bouquet of multiple colors. This season look for monochromatic arrangements! Floral bouquets consisting of one color are trending, especially in white. Don’t worry, some contrast can be added to an arrangement with greenery or ribbons.

  1. Sustainability

This is a trend that everyone can get on board with! We are seeing floral being reused at events more and more. For example, wedding floral used at the ceremony site can be moved to the reception and re-purposed there. Did you know you can recycle your fresh floral arrangements with Best Events? We will create beautiful fresh floral orders for you but instead of taking them home, just give them back to us to reuse and receive 40% off your order. How’s that for sustainability!?