Happy Halloween! Tis’ the season where we seek a little fear for the thrill of it…but certainly not when it comes to planning an event. Are you having the scaries about your upcoming event? Who ya gonna call? Best Events! We have the experience and the resources to help your event run smoothly.  Check out below how we will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your event is all treats and no tricks!

5 of the scariest things about planning an event (and how we can help!)


Whether you are planning a wedding, shower or corporate event, most of our customers come in with ballpark budget in mind. Our event planners can help guide your menu and rental choices in order to meet your budget. With lots of experience under our belts our staff can help you get the most bang for your buck!

Picking your Venue

Your venue sets the scene for your event! Lucky for you, we have three diverse venues that can serve a variety of group sizes and needs. Tell us a little bit about your event and we can point you in the right direction. Thinking of hosting an event at your home? We’ll come to you, check out your space and give you our two sense on setup and decor!


This may be the scariest unknown when it comes to event planning, especially for outdoor events. You can help prevent a weather related nightmare by being prepared! If you are having an outdoor event and the weather looks dicey, then renting one of our tents could be a life saver. We can also help to combat the weather with heaters or fans.

Deciding on a Menu

For most people, the food they are offering at their event is one of the most important aspects. We have 6 menus and 1000’s of items choose from, which can be a bit overwhelming! If you aren’t sure what you would like to serve, our event planners are here to offer up suggestions! Another great way to decide on your menu is to schedule a taste testing with us!


Handling day of event logistics can sometimes be a headache. Let us do the heavy lifting! We can deliver your rental items, set them up and pick them up for you. We can also deliver your food and have our staff stay and assist with serving your food. Let us take these monkeys off your back so you can enjoy your event!