After a long (and very cold) winter we are very happy to finally say that summer is right around the corner! There is always something to celebrate during the summer months, one of those things being High School Graduates! School may be out but there is still plenty to learn about throwing a successful graduation party. That’s where we come in! Here is our list of “must-haves” for throwing a top notch graduation party that everyone (including the host) will enjoy!

  1. Keep it Covered!

Most people choose to have their graduation parties fully or at least partially outdoors. Renting a tent can be crucial to shielding your guests from Wisconsin’s unpredictable weather! Tents will help provide shelter from the hot sun or a potentially rainy day. It also creates a nice breathable gathering space for guests to socialize!

  1. Have a Seat and R-E-L-A-X

It may seem obvious that your guests will need a place to sit and a table to eat at but we couldn’t do a graduate post and not mention this crucial dynamic duo: Tables and Chairs! Make sure to consider the amount of people you invited but also keep in mind they won’t all be there at the same time. We can help you decide the appropriate amount of table and chairs so all your guests can comfortably sit and enjoy their time!

  1. Think Through Your Theme
    1. Whether your theme is inspired by high school colors, future college colors or something completely unique, getting a little creative with your grad party can be fun! Coordinating linen colors and floral arrangements are easy and effective ways to make your party look put together. We have one of the largest selection of linens in the Stateline area as well as an in house floral team that can meet all of your grad party needs, no matter how simple or extravagant!

  1. Don’t Fret the Food

Even though celebrating the graduate is the main focus of a graduation party, food is easy next in line as one of the most important elements! Preparing food can also be one of the most time consuming and stressful tasks. Make it easy on yourself and let us bring the food to you! Whether it’s a taco bar, sandwiches or hors d’oeuvres we have endless options that will please all of your guests stay within your budget.

5. Drinks Done Right

Where there is food there is bound to be drinks! No matter what your drink of choice is, nobody likes a warm beverage on a summer day! That’s where our Fill n’ Chill tables come in handy. These tables are designed to fill with ice and house all of your favorite drinks. Your guests will be able to see all the options laid out and grab their drink of choice without having to rummage through various coolers!