Established in 1986, Best Events began when KANDU Industries started renting out the large cafeteria space in their building on Adel St. What started as a small operation named “We Are Catering” would eventually turn into what you know today as Best Events!

It is not uncommon for the Best Events kitchen to cater nearly 2,200 meals on any given Saturday, with the highest level of service and hospitality for large parties, intimate small dinners, business lunches, United States presidents, politicians, celebrities, and anything in between. While food is where the story began, Best Events is not exclusively a catering company. With hundreds of varieties of custom linens, a warehouse full of chairs, tents, tables, and some of the most unique décor you can imagine, one of the best things about Best Events is our ability to create any idea into reality. If we cannot buy it, we will make it.

Do you have a vision? Put us up to the challenge. We have created décor and menus for Alice in Wonderland weddings, superhero themed parties, created a table inspired by Katy Perry’s jungle music video (bright red pleather. You have to see it to believe it.) We can do classy, woodsy, earthy, rustic, chic, minimalistic, urban, Avant garde, but never boring. Let us show you WOW!