There is a lot that goes into planning an event. Lucky for you, we have almost everything you need to pull off your picture perfect party! With so many different facets to our business, we are always fielding questions from our customers. We have rounded up some of our most popular questions and put the answers on record! Maybe your question will be answered here or at the very least, you will learn something new about Best Events! If you still have some lingering questions, give us a call at 608.755.4123. We are always here to help!

Do you have an order minimum?
For most of our catering orders we do require a minimum. Make sure to read the fine print or item description in our menus for specific information on minimum quantities. As for rental orders, there is no minimum that you have to meet. Only need 3 table linens? We can do that!

When I rent an item do I get charged by the day?
We rent our items per event. For example, if you rent table linens from us for a Saturday wedding and pick them up at our Showroom on Friday and don’t return them until Monday you will just be charged one rental price for those linens!

Should I have you deliver my rentals or should I pick them up?
It’s up to you! We charge a delivery fee depending on where you are located. Our Janesville delivery fee is $35 and another $35 for pickup. If your order is small enough, picking up your items at our 2030 Center Ave Showroom location may be a cost effective option for you! We also offer a discounted pickup rate for most of our rental items. Don’t worry, our staff will be here to help you load up your vehicle. 

Should I clean my rental items before I return them to you?
It depends! If you are renting linens or napkins don’t worry about doing the laundry. We have in house laundry here! Rentals should be returned in acceptable condition but our crew does take time to clean each item after they have been returned. As for dishes, if you are using our catering services our team will take care of the dishes. If you are using our dishes but not our catering we just ask that you rinse the dishes off.

When do I need to finalize my event?
All details should be finalized 10 days prior to your event!

Do I need to make an appointment to visit your showroom?
Although we do accept walk-ins we recommend setting up an appointment. This way we know we have an event planner on hand ready to answer your questions!

Can I only choose from items listed on your menus?
Here at Best Events we pride ourselves in having multiple, diverse menus but we can most certainly create customized menus! Whether you have a theme, specific dietary need or just a special dish you want but don’t see on our menu, we can make it happen! Our event planners are very experienced in creating custom menus tailored to your needs.

What is the correlation between Best Events and KANDU?
Best Events Catering is a division of KANDU Industries. Best Events began 33 years ago when KANDU Industries started renting out the large cafeteria space in their building on Adel St. From there Best Events has grown into what you know today! Since Best Events is a subsidiary of KANDU Industries, when you book with Best Events Catering you are supporting a local non-profit and encouraging KANDU’s mission.

Does Best Events run The Armory and The Pontiac Convention Center?
Yes we do! KANDU purchased The Pontiac Convention Center in 2012 and gained ownership of The Armory in 2015. Best Events is the exclusive caterer of both of these locations! When you book The Armory or The Pontiac for your event you will be working with Best Events event planners.