Wedding trends are constantly changing and evolving. One of the biggest shifts we have seen in the wedding business over the past 10 years is the change from church weddings to non-traditional spaces. 30 years ago you would be hard pressed to find a couple who wasn’t married in a church but today that isn’t necessarily the case. We are seeing couples exchange vows everywhere from backyards to botanical gardens to barns. Using unconventional spaces gives you extra room to get creative with your ceremony space and décor. One area where you can really make a statement is with your ceremony backdrop. Here are our top ceremony picks for 2019.

Flower Walls

Flowers walls have become a backdrop staple at weddings and events of all kind. They not only make a statement but they also look great in photographs. Because floral can be expensive, we suggest starting with a greenery backdrop and filling in with your favorite bloom.

Geo Arch

We are seeing this trend everyone! Use wood for a natural look or gold for a midcentury modern glam vibe. These arches can be dressed up with floral bunches or kept bare for a more minimal look.

Asymmetrical Floral

Floral arches are a timeless backdrop for saying “I do”. A great way to keep this trend fresh and updated is to go bold with floral on only one side of the arch.


Draping is a cost effective and elegant way to create a dreamy backdrop. Layer pieces of fabric to create depth and a romantic feel. This is also a great way to add a touch softness to an industrial space.


The simplicity trend is here to stay. Think, a wispy twig arch or a bare triangle. You can add a touch of floral but to really land this trend make sure to keep things clean and tidy. This style works especially well if your ceremony space can offer a beautiful background.


Calling all boho brides! Macramé is everywhere and weddings are no exception. Hang a macramé creation from a wall, arch or go all out boho and hang it from a tree. This nostalgic nod to the 70’s helps to add texture to any space!