Christmas Party Themes

It’s officially December which means Christmas is in full swing (even though we have all been secretly celebrating since after Halloween)! If you haven’t already been plotting and planning your Christmas party, it’s go time! Whether you are hosting a small intimate gathering or a large corporate Christmas party, we are here with some theme ideas to knock your Christmas stockings off!

  1. Traditional

Use touches of plaid, greenery and wooden elements to create the traditional Christmas look. For this theme make your color scheme green and red!

  1. Retro

We love a good retro theme! Use a pastel or bright color palette to create a fun vintage vibe. If you can use actual antique Christmas décor elements that makes the theme even better!

  1. Winter Wonderland

Use blue white and silver to create a modern Christmas look! Let the outside world be your inspiration.  Ornaments in shades of blue, white fur, and sparkly silver will create a luxe and sophisticated vibe!

  1. Classic Movie Inspired

This theme is a crowd pleaser and is sure to garner lots of laughs! Think leg lamps, spaghetti with maple syrup and moose mugs. Have your guests wear their ugly Christmas sweaters! This theme is all about cheesy and gaudy fun.

  1. Candy Land

Let peppermint candy be your inspiration! Use red and white as your color scheme with stripes for a quirky feel. A mixture of real and fake candies makes for a stunning and delicious display