Check out these top trends for fall weddings!

Eyes for Pies

If you are hosting a Fall wedding and are looking to spice up your dessert offering, we love the idea of pies! Offer full size pies by the slices or give your guests their own individual 3 inch sweetie pies. How cute is that?

Orange you Glad

Move over millennial pink, orange is the new “it” color! Fall is the perfect time to play up this hue. Try shades like burnt orange, rust, amber and rich pumpkin colors. Whether it’s your bouquet or bridesmaid dresses, we definitely recommend sneaking pops of orange into your color palette!

Fresh Fruit Centerpieces

Take your floral centerpiece to the next level by adding in some fresh fruit throughout! This is a popular summer trend but you can pull this off in the Fall with deep colored fruits such as oranges, figs, pears and pomegranates. This stunning addition is sure to wow your guests.

Pampas Grass

Search anything wedding related on Pinterest and photos of fluffy pampas grass are sure to appear! This boho trend has taken off over the past few years and fits perfectly into the ecstatic of a Fall wedding. The grass’s warm vintage feel pairs with a fall palette perfectly. Add a few sprigs into your centerpieces or go full out and use them to border your archway or isle!

Copper Accents

Fall colors look beautiful paired with copper. If you are going to add metallic to your wedding in any way consider using this accent color. Copper can be incorporated easily with vases, candle holders, or drink ware (Moscow mules anyone?). Having a hard time finding copper items? Spray paint is your friend!

A Touch of Velvet

Warm colors and cooler temperatures offer up the perfect opportunity to play with plush fabrics. In particular, we love seeing small touches of velvet. Think cocktail table linens, vintage head table chairs or even the ribbon on your bouquet. This trend doesn’t have to be overdone, a little goes a long way!