It’s time to talk about grazing tables. Maybe you’ve had the chance to experience the deliciousness of one of these trendy buffets. Or maybe this idea is completely new to you. Either way, we are here to fill you in on this booming buffet style and discuss how YOU can make it work for your event.

First off, what exactly is a grazing table? We like to think of them as a giant charcuterie board strategically spread out on a table top. This selection would consist of things like, cheeses, meats, dips, crackers, breads, nuts, vegetables, fruits, olives…the list goes on and on and nothing is off limits! The point is to have all of these items artfully crammed onto a table. Guests can then work their way through the table and nibble on a little of this and that.

When we first heard of this concept we loved the dramatic look and the casual idea of a grazing table. However, we weren’t sure how we could make this work with a large crowd of people and it not turn in to a mess? We also wanted to consider, would people feel comfortable picking through a mountain of food with their guests? We put our heads together and came up with a compromise that we premiered at our 2019 Spring Evening Bridal Expo.

Instead of having all of the food elements on the table together, we used various plates and bowls to separate out the different components. Using decorative and vintage mismatch dishes added to the creative and eclectic look of the table! This allows you to still fill the table with lots of colors and textures and create that overflowing look but with a little more organization. This also keeps the table looking more orderly (and more sanitary) as guests make their way through. In addition, we created a three tire wooden stand to add height to the table. Add some cute signage and you are all set!

And there you have it. A beautiful but still functional grazing table! Give us a call to discuss having one of these at your next event! 608.755.4123 x399