Here at Best Events we pride ourselves on being your off-site event experts! You may have heard us use the phrase “farms, barns and backyards” and those are just a few examples of places we have put on events. In this day and age, it seems the more non-traditional the venue the better. With that said, you do have to take extra consideration when planning for an off-site event. Check out a few of our off-site essentials below:

  1. Tenting

Having a tent is essential for creating a central gathering space for your event. It helps to break up a larger space and make it feel more intimate. Tents can also help to extend your space! For example, if your venue is a barn you can set your tent up right outside barn doors making that space is a purposeful and useful outdoor area!

  1. Food That Holds Up

Lucky for you we have an ENTIRE menu dedicated to trendy food options that taste great and hold up well in an off-site atmosphere. Take a look through our Farms, Barns and Backyards menu below!

  1. Lighting

Lighting can assist in creating your desired feel and atmosphere for your event. String lights work in all different kinds of settings and give off a warm and welcoming vibe. This is another great way to create spaces and set perimeters at your event!

  1. Temperature Control

Depending on where your off-site event is, you may or may not have access to heat or AC. We can help with that! We offer options such as industrial fans, patio heaters and tent heaters.

  1. Cool Drinks

If your off-site event is on a larger scale than your run of the mill plastic coolers may not cut it! Let your guests serve themselves easily from one of our fill and chill tables, troughs or go all out with a formal bar. Ask about our portable bar options!

6. Let’s Dance

Where there is a celebration there is sure to be a little dancing involved! It can sometimes be hard to get people out on the dance floor but a designated dancing spot can certainly help the cause! Rent our dance floor pieces and customize the size to your needs.