Best Events has a variety of chair types and table sizes for your event. Take a look at some of the different options, and contact one of our event planners to figure out what type would be perfect for you!

How to Read Our Pricing:
Our pricing is set up so that the lower cost in parenthesis ($x.xx) is the cost of the item if they are being picked up from our showroom by the renter. The higher cost outside of parenthesis is the cost of the item if our drivers are dropping off and installing them at the renter’s location. The cost amount is listed per item.


Seashell White Folding Metal Chair: ($2.25) $2.75

These chairs are metal, white, and can be used alone, or with any of our chair covers or ties. See our linens options here.

White Folding Resin Chair with Padded Seat: (3.25) $3.95

If you are looking for a chair that has the added benefit of a padded seat, the White Folding Resin Chair looks beautiful whether uncovered or covered with our linens and chair ties.

Clear Chivary Chair: ($8.00) $9.00

Elegant and beautiful, our Clear Chivary Chairs will add a classic beauty to your event. Use these alone, or add color to the seats with our chair pads available in polyester ($1.95 ea.) or in Iridescent Crush ($2.95 ea.) See our linens options here.

Standard Banquet Chair with Metal Rim: ($3.95) $4.95

These chairs have a gray padded fabric seat and back, and a gray metal rim. They may also be paired with any of our chair covers.

Mismatched Vintage Wooden Chairs: ($5.00) $6.00

Looking for a vintage or shabby chic look for your special event? Our mismatched vintage wooden chairs are a perfect fit.

Wooden Benches: ($12.00) $15.00

Our wooden benches seat up to 5 guests each and are perfect for an outdoor or barn-setting.


Round Tables

Available in:
4’--seats 6: ($8.00) $9.50
5’--seats 8: ($9.00) $10.50
6’--seats 10: ($10.00) $11.50

Our white round tables can seat up to 10 guests depending on the size needed for your special event. They are made of Commercialite Plastic, and can be draped with our various linens and décor. See our linen selection here.

Banquet Tables

Available in:
6’x 30”—seats 6: ($7.00) $9.00
8’x30”—seats 8: ($7.00) $9.00

Made of Commercialite Plastic, the banquet tables are a wonderful choice for wedding receptions, business meetings, corporate events, buffets, stations, etc. They can be draped with our various linens as well. See our linen selection here.

Cocktail (tall) and Bistro (short) tables:

The Stand-Up Cocktail Table: ($11.50) $12.50

The Stand-Up Cocktail Table has a 30” round top and is a natural gathering spot for mingling and social gathering.

The Bistro Table: ($10.50) $11.50

With a minimal footprint, the bistro table provides a sit down space for up to 4 guests. This table has a 36” round top.

Additional Table Types

Half Circle Table (half of a 4’ round): ($4.50) $5.50
Quarter Circle Table (quarter of a 4’ round): ($3.50) $4.50
Small Heart Table: ($9.50) $11.50
Large Heart Table: ($11.50) $13.50

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